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Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Here Comes the Bride..."

I will never be a bride again.  That fact, however, did not stop be from being wowed when I channel surfed onto a program last night named, "I Found The Dress" on TLC.  The show takes place in a bridal shop in Watertown, MA (right outside of Boston).  It sells designer bridal gowns at 40% to 70% off retail.

It was amazing to see how the owners shopped designer backroom storage to find these deals.  They paid cash and took the gowns with them to help cut costs.  They also buy used gowns at a fraction of the retail price.

It is a no frills shop with savvy sales people.  They were all current on what was hot and how to present the whole package.  The customers were wowed at every choice.

One drawback is the size choice.  It is limited but it seemed that all size ladies were willing to go for alterations (on their own) to get the dress at such a reasonable price.

I believe that the cost of weddings has gone way too far and that women should rent the bridal gown as the men rent the tuxedos.  Sentiment has something to be said for it but $10,000 spent for a gown would make a pretty good start on a downpayment for a house.  Reasonably priced gowns are at least a step in the right direction.

The program is o.k.  I probably will never watch it again because I will never be a bride again.  I thought the shop was worth mentioning because of the savings involved.  Take a look at the website, Vows Bridal Shop.  It may be worth your while

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