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Sunday, February 2, 2014

"Today is Your Birthday!", Elaine

Yes, Elaine has hit the big "70" today.  Elaine is a wife, mother of three sons, grandmother of six, sister-in-law and sister - my sister.

Elaine is a lady.  She is creative, artistic, loving, a good friend, a woman who, according to her husband, is always right.

Elaine was a teacher who taught with fervor, gusto and passion.  She has inspired many to be better than they thought they could be.

Elaine is funny when she can remember the whole joke she is telling and gets the joke she is listening to.  

She is a great cook, sewer and baker.  She is not Martha Stewart but she has come close.

She does not have an athletic bone in her body but rarely missed any game that any of her sons were playing.

Elaine is a beautiful woman - inside and out.

Elaine is loved.

Happy Birthday, Sis!     (Have a great day and remember that you will always be older than me!)

Love, Jeanne

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