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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What's Wrong with Blue Eye Shadow?

I must start this blog by saying that I no longer wear eye shadow because my eyelids are so droopy that it wouldn't be seen.  I sometimes use a blue eyeliner. That being said, who declared blue eye shadow to be a no-no?  What is wrong with it?  

I haven't devoted a lot of research time to this topic because there really isn't anything out there that gives a solid reason not to use it.
It seems to me that using electric blue was a fashion trend years back that went the way of most trends - down the drain.  I guess the fashion faux pas was transferred over to any color blue and women stopped using it.

O.K. - I know this question is of virtually no importance to anyone, but I had to ask because it popped into my head.

Do you wear blue eye shadow?

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