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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Fall Checklist

It is always time to save energy and money but the coming of Fall prompts us to take a check on where we might be letting heat or air slip past us. Here is a short list of what should be checked and remedied.

Check the weather stripping around door and windows.  If it has become loose or worn, it should be replaced.  It is a simple, inexpensive fix that will save you money.  

Check all of your electrical outlets and install insulation pieces.  A lot of heat or air can escape through these little suckers.  There are inexpensive packages of this type of insulation available at home improvement stores or you can diy using solid insulation.

Check both attic and basement doors for their level of insulation.  Aside from weather stripping the doors themselves can be insulated with rigid insulation.

Clean, clean, clean refrigerator coils.  With dust and dirt build-up on the coils, the cooling efficiency drops way down.  A quick vacuuming does the trick.

Think about getting a programmable thermostat.  Having one of these allows you to personalize the heating or cooling patterns in your home. 

Check out your house and get going on saving energy and money.

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.


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