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Friday, July 19, 2013

Determine Quality of Thrift Shop/Flea Market Furniture Finds

Before I write of furniture I want to say a few words about the British Open taking place at Muirhead in Gullane, Scotland.  While I am interested in the golf, I am even more interested in the area in which the tournament takes place.  The ESPN coverage includes bits and pieces of the surrounding areas and the history of the golf club.  I am fascinated.  I wish I could see more and hear more.  Please let me know if you are from the area and perhaps are going to the Open.  I would love to hear your take on it.


When I go to find furniture to makeover I always do some real looking when I find a piece.  It is not worth getting a piece for little money if it will not stand up to being refinished or refurbished.

The post from DIY Network written by Karin Beuerlein More
gives a very comprehensive guide to evaluating used furniture pieces.  The post contains info from Teri Masaschi, author of Foolproof Wood Finishing: For Those Who Love to  Build & 
 Hate to Finish.

The subjects covered are:

Is the Piece Painted?

Is the Construction High-Quality?

Does the Piece Need to Be Re-Glued?

What Will the Wood Look Like When You’re Done?

The evaluating tips are spot on and can save you money and frustration when followed. 

 "Buy the piece for what it is rather than what you think you can make it — you can get lost in the fantasy about what it used to be."

Teri Masaschi

Please click here for the particulars.

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  1. My mum was born and brought up in Musselburgh, also in East Lothian and not that far from Gullane, so it's an area I'm fairly familiar with. Living in Edinburgh until a couple of years ago we'd often go to various places in E.Lothian - Gullane, North Berwick & Dunbar were favourites for evening drives for hubby and I before children. It's a beautiful part of the country.

    I won't be going to the Open (not a fan of golf) although hubby will be watching it on TV later!

    1. Thank you. It is so nice to hear about the area. I hope some day to see the area in person. Jeanne