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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Easy, Affordable Closet Lighting

Gregory Han of Apartment Therapy posted all about easy closet lightingIt is so true that it is important to be able to see well in the closet.  In some places, however, closets haven't the best lighting or have no lighting at all.  These products are wireless and simply stick up.  Easy and affordable!

"Not everyone feels comfortable attempting electrical work, but anyone can peel and stick or drill and mount one of these lights,"    GregoryHan

" Take a look at Gregory's preferred list of lighting.
Mr. Beams Indoor/Outdoor Motion-Sensing LED Ceiling Light - $19.99
Wireless Motion Sensor Light - 10 Super-Bright LED - $6.57
Sierra Tools Battery-Operated Ceiling/Wall Light with Remote - $32.95
Utilitech Battery Powered Cabinet LED Puck Light Kit - $11.98
Sylvania LED Silver Light Flute Horizontal Light Stick - $11.97
Hipe 8 LED Automatic Motion-sensing Night Light - $13.99
Superbrite Touch Light - $7.98
Wireless Motion-Detecting Light - $39.98
Megabrite Wireless Motion Sensor LED Lights - $29.37
HDE Motion-Detecting LED Light w/ IR Radial Sensor - $7.06

Go forth and light!!
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