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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tips on Thursday

Today's post is a mish-mash of tips that I have collected.  Unfortunately, I do not know where I found them so I cannot give credit where credit is due.  I will correct this omission if I ever locate the sources.  Sorry.
Take a look.

After slicing onions or mincing garlic, neutralize smelly hands by rubbing fingers on a stainless steel spoon under running water.

Use an emery board for more than just shaping your nails — it can gently buff away stains on suede bags and shoes.

Parmesan cheese shaker - clean it out, then fill it up with your preferred granular plant fertilizer for an easy way to feed your garden.

Use an eraser to rub out scuffs on hardwood or tile floors, as well as smudges on light-colored leather bags and shoes. Once the eraser is dirty, knead to reveal a clean spot.

Spring bouquet to display? Firm up the soft stems of flowers like tulips or daffodils by inserting each into a wide straw before adding to a vase. You can rinse straws and reuse for the same purpose.

Spiff up dark-colored leather shoes in a pinch by rubbing them with a balled-up black-and-white newspaper page (note: full-color pages won't work). No polish needed.

Before you toss a sticky note (Post-It), run the sticky side between the keys of your computer's keyboard to collect crumbs and other grime.

When storing coats or special-occasion clothes, cover each item with an old pillowcase (cut a hole in the closed end to slip over a hanger). It won't hold in mildew-causing moisture like plastic does.


Hope the tips will help to make your life easier.

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.


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