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Friday, March 1, 2013

Frugality Burnout

When people make the decision to be more responsible in their spending and saving habits there is a certain fervor that sets in place.  Goals have been set and the plan of action is ready, set, go!  The adrenaline starts flowing and the game is on!  One's personal rewards are evident in the larger savings account and the amount of debt reduction.  It is exhilerating!
Way to go!!

But then there is a nagging little devil that pops up and starts whispering, "This is not fun anymore.  This is tiresome.  I need a break."  Frugality burnout has reared its evil head and is causing a stress not unlike a dieter feels when he/she has reached a plateau in weight loss.  This burnout can lead to splurge spending that may be instant gratification but ends in the downfall of a well laid plan of financial success.

Don't give into the temptation to go on a spending binge.  Think about all that has been accomplished and carefully find something that is fun and not expensive to do.  Go outside your box to find something all together different to do.  This will salve the burning devil-beast within you and keep you on the straight and narrow path of saving.  In the end, you will feel better that you have had some fun and not been a slave to the fugality master.  Your attitude will change and once again you will be happy with your plan.

Have fun this weekend!

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.


Instead, be creative and kind to yourself and to your family. Splurge and treat yourselves, but be smart about it. Use resources such as
Frugalista, Woot or Clark Howard's tips to