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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Do No Harm .......


When I saw this statement I said, out loud, "This is me!"  I have never put my personal philosophy into words but there it was.  Fantastic.

I am pretty easy going, somewhat cynical and a bit impatient with blatant stupidity.  I do not have a chip on my shoulder daring someone to knock it off.  I do not relish confrontation.  I will try to see both sides of anything (that may take awhile) and resolve a problem without rancor or nastiness.

Having said all that, let me say that I will not back down if I am being challenged or mistreated.  No person has the right to put their face in mine and spew stupidity.  No person has the right to put me down.  I deserve and demand respect for my ideas and opinions.  I do not force my opinions on anyone out of respect for their thoughts and beliefs. 

So many times I have been quiet when in the presence of a person or persons who are talking trash.  I would rather walk away than put up with that type of behavior. 

I try not to infringe on anyone's beliefs.  First, it is none of my business and second, I would rather "walk" than "talk".  If you know what I mean.

I was verbally attacked today by a woman who asked me a question about my religion.  When I answered (it doesn't really matter what I said) she lit into me like a mad dog.  I was truly taken aback.  I tried speaking but she kept yelling about hell and damnation.  At the point that I had had enough I raised may arm to signal stop and yelled, "SHUTUP!"  She actually did.  I spoke in a low voice (almost whispering) so she had to listen hard to what I was saying.  I said, "Turn around, walk away and never speak to me again. You are a fool and I do not listen to fools!"  I believe that the determination, strength and anger in my voice got through to her.  She mumbled a bunch of stuff and walked away.  I take no shit and I hope you don't either.

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.


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