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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DIY Garage Organizing

It is Spring somewhere.  This is the time of year that our thoughts turn to getting the outside of our house ready for growing and relaxing and playing.  The first step in this prep is to get your stuff together.  Once you get it together, it is best to get it organized.  So here are some ways to get your garage organized.  This can also apply to a shed or part of a carport.

Take a look.

Use plastic lattice for long materials

Plastic lattice works well for storing long lengths of miscellaneous pipe, trim, flashing and conduit. Just cut matching pieces, then screw 2x4 cleats to the ceiling and screw the lattice to the wall studs and cleats. Now you can quickly find those oddball leftovers instead of going to the hardware store and buying yet another piece.

Build scrap wood brackets

Here's how to store your lawn and folding chairs so they're out of your way. Take two pieces of 1x4 lumber (any scrap lumber will do) and create some simple, cheap and useful brackets on the wall. Cut each board 7-3/4 in. long with a 30-degree angle on both ends. Fasten pairs of these brackets with three 2-in. screws to the side of the exposed wall studs, directly across from each other, and you've got a perfect place to hang your chairs.

Stretch cords around PVC pipe

Elastic cords can quickly become a tangled mess. Find the one you need at a glance with this handy rack made from 3- or 4-in. PVC pipe. Just drill 1/2-in.- diameter holes in the pipe to match the slightly stretched lengths of your cords. Keep it in your garage, trunk or shop, out of the reach of children.

All of the above is from Family Handyman and if you click here you will find even more easy diy storage projects.

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.



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  1. Oh my...this reminds me we need to straighten up our garage...seems like every winter it gets junked up