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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Some Distinct Things


This pic of Hobbit House, New Zealand has been posted today because it made me break out in a big grin and I want the same for all of you.  Enjoy!

Pictured above is a drywall mud knife.  This is a great tool for cutting cake or brownies because it has a sharp edge that will make clean cuts.  I am going to get one of these.
Pictured above are solar-powered or battery-powered exterior stair lights.  This is a dynamite idea for obvious safety reasons.  They could also serve as an identifying mark for people coming to your house at night.

Pictured above is a potholder in a butterfly design. I think it is practical and pretty.  The pattern for this is available at the site noted above in her shop.  I'll bet you talented sewers/quilters can make your own pattern.

Pictured above is a vegetable server available from Chef's Catalog for the price of $34.99.  I think it is a great idea but there is no way I am spending that money when I can duplicate it very easily.  A big bowl with small dish in the middle sitting on a shallow bowl filled with ice.  What could be simpler?
Last but not least is a crocheted rug featured on  It is for sale at an Etsy shop for $600.  It is beautiful but I don't think $600 is going to make it in my budget.  It is made of cotton rope and, as Maven from Curbly states,  one could use any doily pattern and do hand and arm crocheting.  This I am going to try.
Today is the Daytona 500 Race.  CH is all geared up for it.  There was a horrific crash there yesterday at the Nationwide Race that injured people in the stands when parts of cars went flying over the fence into the stands.  We have been to a number of Daytona races where they were very strict about not allowing people to stand near the fence.  Thank goodness!  One car's engine came out of the car and tore down the fence.  Wow!
Have a peaceful Sunday or go out and have a blast!
Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.

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