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Friday, January 18, 2013

Tips for When You Need Another Pair of Hands

There are times when a person needs to accomplish some task that requires more than just her/his hands but no one else is around.  Peggy Wong of wrote an article to address these situations.  The article is geared to those who live alone but really applies to those who are alone at the time. 

The tips being presented today are only some of those in the article.  Click here to read the entire article.

Putting a Bracelet On
Use a piece of tape to hold the bracelet to your arm while you clasp it.  Great idea!
 Putting a Duvet Cover On

1) Fold the duvet cover into quarters so one long opening is facing you.
2) Fold the duvet into quarters.
3) Slide the duvet, long crease first, into the opening of the duvet cover.
4) With your fingers, hold the two open corners of the duvet cover, along with the duvet corners. Shake it out.


Opening a Jar

Place a rubber band around the
middle of the jar and the jar lid - then twist.  A butter knife can also be used to break the seal of the lid.

Use Tongs to Reach Things in Hard-to-Reach Places
There is another tip about storing leftover wine in mason jars.  Most commenters asked, "What is leftover wine?"
The tips are helpful with some comments that add to info.  I hope you find them useful.
In the meantime .... keep it simple and make it real.

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