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Monday, January 21, 2013

Hotel Shower Caps - Other Uses

When staying at hotels or motels one of the perks (although it is really paid for in the room rate) is coming home with the shampoo, conditioner, body wash and shower caps.  Keeping the bottles of shampoo, etc. for guests is a given but using the shower caps is another matter. 

There is an article in about other uses for shower caps and I am going to share it with you here.

"At Home:

1. iPad touchscreen cover Are you cooking with messy fingers and reading recipes on your iPad? Put a shower cap over the screen (it's a perfect fit!) and continue on. We tested that the touchscreen works through the showercap plastic, and it does.

2. Bowl cover Got leftovers in a bowl that has no matching lid, or are you taking a dish to a potluck? A shower cap fits perfectly over larger bowls and pans for easy storage.

3. Housework protection When you're painting or cleaning, a showercap can not only protect dust and dirt from getting in your hair, but putting it over your safety glasses—if you're using them—can keep dust out of your eyes.

4. Drain cleaner Pulling hair clogs out of the drain is so gross. Usually we use a bit of toilet paper, but that starts dissolving and is just ew. A shower cap is the perfect solution.

5. Broom cover After brooming your floors, instead of tying a plastic bag around your broom, put a showercap around the bottom to contain rogue dustbunnies.

6. Plant drip protection Use a shower cap instead of a plate underneath a plant pot to catch drips and water leaks.

7. Accessory cases Reorganize your clothes drawers by rolling belts or scarves or knit hats up in shower caps for an easy and quick solution.

8. Hairdo helper We all know what a showercap is really for, but we suggest using it over your hairdo when you slip up and do your hair and makeup before putting on your nice clothes.

9. Utensil and covers Do you have one of those hanging pot racks? Use showercaps over your pots to keep them from getting dusty inside; this also works well for soup ladles and larger utensils.

10. Water balloon It might take a stronger throw to pop one, but a shower cap is an excellent makeshift water balloon if you tie it tight enough.

On the Road:

11. Cover for bicycle seat on rainy days We used to carry around a plastic bag for putting over our bike seat on rainy days until we figured out the showercap thing. So much easier to tote and a far better fit.

12. Toiletry baggie/toothbrush cover Granted it's not a TSA-approved 3-1-1 ziploc bag, but in a pinch, the showercap is the closest thing to it.

13. Shoe covers Keep the dirt from the bottom of your shoes off your clothes by wrapping your shoes in a showercap or two to pack.

14. Hotel room remote control cover As previously
discussed, remote controls are the grossest things in a hotel room. A shower cap over it prevents you from touching the nastiness.

15. Steering wheel cover Kind of like the remote control germs, rental cars also have gross stuff on their steering wheels and stick shifts. If the cap is a smaller size and won't fit over the wheel, wrap it around the stick shift.

16. Dirty underwear or swimsuit baggie Keep your dirty underwear separate from the rest of your clothes.

17. Picnic snack bowl Did you buy boxes of snacks for a picnic but would like a better way to share than passing around the box? Bring along a few shower caps for makeshift bowls.

18. Dog water bowl or poop bag Again, in a pinch when you're traveling with your dog, throw a shower cap in your pocket and you'll end up using it for one of these things. Hopefully not both.

19. Silverware baggie For hardcore travelers who find themselves in hotels often, silverware is a must-have. Wrap it in a showercap until you're back home and can properly wash it with dish soap.

20. Camera shield Carrying around a camera that cost more than your monthly rent or mortgage shouldn't mean you can't shoot in rainy conditions. Prefit the shower cap on your camera to cut a hole for the lens, and then throw it in with your camera gear for emergency rain protection."

These uses are pretty common sense uses but that doesn't mean we always think of them.  I, as usual, am always happy to find ways of multi-using to save time and money.  Same with you?

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.


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