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Monday, November 12, 2012

Mending Jeans and Orange Peel Candle

I am thankful for my health. Though it is not perfect, it is not bad at all.

I have two diy tips today that save money and smell good.  Not a usual pairing, I will admit, but why quibble over such small matters?

Mending Jeans
At my age having torn or worn out jeans is really not a style statement.  Why make myself look more worn out than I already do?  The tutorial for mending jeans is very easy to follow and brings new life to a comfortable pair of jeans.

The tutorial uses a sewing machine for the repair but it works equally well with hand sewing.  You just make sure the stitches are small. 

You can find the pictorial tutorial at Adventures in Dressmaking
Orange Peel Candle
Having lovely scented candles burning is such a warm and fuzzy feeling but I cannot physically tolerate the fumes.  I will get a migraine just walking into a candle shop never mind if a candle is lit somewhere.  Having a candle made from very, very natural ingredients is the answer to my problem of headaches and also gives a sensual satisfaction to all.
The Orange Peel Candle is so easy to make, so economical to have and so lovely to smell.  What more can I say?
The full, easy instructions can be found at Eliza K. Prints.
Setting out a bunch of these candles would be so nice at Thanksgiving - or anytime, really.  I hope you try it.
Have a great day and keep it simple, folks.


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