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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Furniture Roadside Recovery

I am thankful for sunrises and sunsets and hope I get to see a lot more of them.

Let me tell you a little story.

The picture below is of a cabinet with two doors on the top and two drawers on the bottom. It is painted two tone green. Not a bad looking piece at all. I saw it on trash day in my community on the curb with trash bags around it. I turned around, parked in front of it and determined it would fit in the back of my car. I have a PT Cruiser - the back seats fold down for extra space. Despite the fact that I look strong as bull, I am not. I have arthritis all over the place which reduces the strength. So, I wiggled it over to the back of the car and thought that I could lift it from the bottom and just slide it in. No, no, no. It had to make it over the hump created by the back of the seats and I couldn't get enough leverage to do it. I went into the back of the car from the side door and tried to pull it from there. I broke two nails, said nasty words under my breath and finally got it over the hump. Back to the outside of the car to push it in. No, no, no!! A nail on the back of the piece was sticking out and got caught on a loop in the carpet. More nasty words under my breath and the biggest heave ho I could manage and in it went.
Now, this all took some time. Only one car drove by so I thought I was relatively free from humiliation. No, no, no!!!! I was just about to drive away when a man opened the door of the house I was taking it from and gave me a big smile and wave!!! He was probably watching the whole time and never offered to help. Jerk!!

When I arrived home I asked CH to take it out of the car but did not tell him my story. He did it, came in the house and told me it was "trash  - not worth refurbishing!"  More nasty words under my breath!!   I was determined to refurbish this piece if it took me a year!!

Not bad looking, right?  Well, it has been awhile since this little treasure was rescued from the trash.  All that struggle to get it to my house and all the plans I had for that piece would make it something really worthwhile.  NOT!!!!  No matter what I tried, no matter how I tried to make it stable - it did not work.  Then CH "accidentally" had a bit of paint overspray land on it. Yeah!  "Accidentally!"   I gave up and we put it out for the trash.  It was gone before the trash truck arrived.  It may make it yet!!

Keep it simple, folks.


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