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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Turn Back the Clocks and Trivia on Tuesday!

Today is the start of Trivia on Tuesday,  Each Tuesday a trivia question will be posted with the answer appearing on Wednesday.  If you like doing trivia I will expand it with more than one question and then name a monthly winner for a prize that is yet unknown.

What English earl had both a coat style and a furniture style named for him?

                  Come back tomorrow for the answer.

Because we are getting closer to November 4, 2012 and the turning back of our clocks, I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone about smoke detectors and CO detectors importance.

These are valuable tools in keeping ourselves and our homes safe.  Without them we would be open to possible fatalities due to fire and CO ingestion.

At this time of year we should be alert to checking the detectors and changing the batteries.  This diligence takes only a few minutes but can mean a lifetime if not taken care of. 

For more information on these detectors and their importance please go to Ace Hardware.   

Keep it simple, folks, and I hope to see you tomorrow for the trivia answer.

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