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Thursday, October 4, 2012

"I Fought the Law and the Law Won!"

Gather round people and learn from my mistakes.  I confess - I received a speeding ticket.  I couldn't admit it to the police officer but I really was not aware I was going so much over the speed limit.  You can ask people who know me if I drive fast and they will all answer "no".  I have not had a speeding ticket since I was 23 years old - and that was not just yesterday.

Anyway, I paid the ticket in the amount of $264 (arrrrgh!) and now I am taking an online driver safety course to prevent any points going on my insurance.  The course itself is actually informative.  It teaches how and why most crashes take place - right down to the feet per minute that a vehicle is traveling when the impact occurs.  This is where I would like you guys to learn from my experience.

I am going to quote directly from one of the chapters about preventing crashes.

"Your ability to avoid a collision often comes down to the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.  When conditions are ideal and your speed is less than 40 MPH, maintain a minimum following distance of two seconds.  When your speed is above 40 MPH or when conditions are adverse, increase your following distance by one to two seconds for each condition that may affect your stopping distance:"

IF                                                                   ADD
You are traveling at more than 40 MPH       2 seconds
You are driving at night                                1 second
The vehicle in front of you is a                     1 second
There is fog or poor visibility                        1 second
The pavement is wet                                      1 second
You are being tailgated                                  2 seconds
If the tailgating vehicle is a tractor-               4 seconds
trailer or bus
You are towing a trailer                                  2 seconds

This, of course, makes sense and is something that we all probably do without thinking of the specifics but I believe that we all get a refresher every once in awhile.

So, I am taking my punishment like a woman and promise to be more aware of my speed in the future.  This is not livin' easy.

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