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Monday, September 24, 2012

Yard Sale and Furniture Makeover

 Both my computer and myself were a bit under the weather yesterday.  Neither of us could accomplish a post.  However, we are both functioning well today so I will let you know how the yard sale faired.

There were tons of vendors and, in the beginning, tons of customers.
This is my pal, Kathy.  God only knows where her head went!

The pic I took of our table did not come out at all.  It looked o.k. in the camera screen but was all out of focus when I downloaded.
Anyway, we sold two small pieces of furniture - the only pieces we brought with us.  It gives us a great feeling of validation when our things sell.
Below is a pic of the Duncan Phyfe style coffee table on which CH performed his magic.  The table is actually in two pieces - the table itself and a framed piece of glass that rests on top.  A woman stopped to look at it and then started taking pics of it with her phone.  She told me she was sending the pics to her daughter in Georgia to make sure it was something the daughter wanted.  In a little while her daughter called to ask me some questions and the sale was made! 
Isn't it pretty?  You can see CH in the left corner behind the table.  He may not be pretty but he sure is great!

We sold a few other things and did make some money but not a grand amount.  We had fun except the for annoying "love bugs"!  We will do it again next year.

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