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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thank You

This blog has been in existence for a little over a month.  I have never posted twice in one day before but I thought that there could be an exception today. 

Today I want to send out the biggest THANK YOU I can for those of you who have been nice enough to find the blog and then return. This means so much because it is good to know that what I am writing about is somewhat meaningful.

What astounds me is that the blog has reached out to people all over the world.  Speaking to people from Russia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, India, China and more and more, is such a thrill.  I would love to meet everyone of the readers from the U.S. to South Africa, but that is not possible.

In lieu of meeting everyone personally, I ask that you let me know if there are subjects that are more universal than others, subjects you would like to see here and does my attempt at humor fall short when translated?

Living easy and simply should be something that everyone can accomplish no matter where they are located.  Perhaps sharing ideas and tips will make this world a little more like a village.

Again, thank you for being there.

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