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Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Before and Afters - Furniture Makeovers

Good Morning!  I am glad to see you have stopped by again.  Do  you like the pic I added?  Fenetre is one of the few French words I remember.

Today is going to be a "before and brag" post.  Let's face it, no one would do before and afters unless they wanted to brag about the afters.

This is a 1960's stereo cabinet.

All of the insides and front were removed and this is the finished piece

Next is a very old, not so pretty dresser.

Now she is pretty!

How about a very old china cabinet?

and now!

CH put in a lot of hard work to rehab these pieces and I am  happy to say each piece has found its way to someone's home.

ta la iontach

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