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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Don't agonize. Organize.--Florence Kennedy

I’m happy to report that my inner child is still ageless.” James Broughton



Staying with my mother-in-law after her heart surgery reminded me of the small changes I have made throughout my house to accommodate my getting older, shorter and forgetful. My sister and I made similar but more extensive changes in my parents’ home when safety, mobility, and cognizance became issues.

Not all of you are getting old, older or have some limitations in physical and mental capabilities. You may, however, love, care or know someone who does. Maybe now is the time to think about what can and should be done to make living simple and easy at whatever age we are or feel.

Today I will focus on the kitchen. This is where there is a lot of stuff and a lot of use.

Reduce the stuff. Keeping cabinet and pantry contents limited to essentials makes both finding and accessing things much simpler

Place the everyday and frequently used items on the reachable shelves of the upper cabinets. Those of us who have not yet reached our full height potential (and never will) do not need the stretching/reaching exercises while trying to get a bowl. The long handled grippers are great for getting at hard to reach items but why make it hard to reach in the first place?

Place items on the countertops that are frequently used, i.e. toaster, electric can opener, coffee maker. Place like items in one place. For example, all items used for making coffee would be together. Saves on steps and time.

Label the food groups in the pantry or cupboard. Use as large print as necessary. Keeping the food organized helps in putting it away after shopping and seeing what is needed before shopping.

Pots, pans and baking items should be kept near the stove. Use racks for the lids in order that they be easily found. You don’t want to know the words I used when I couldn’t find the right lid!! If racks specifically made for lids are too costly use a dish drainer. Works perfectly.

Organizing the kitchen will resume in future posts. I will also include items for safety, food prep and eating.


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