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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Waiting Room Etiquette

Has this ever happened to you?  You enter a doctor's office waiting room and take a seat next to someone and almost immediately that person starts talking to you.  Did you enter a conversation with that person or did you give a little smile, turn your shoulder a bit and start reading a medical brochure about hemorrhoids?

Do you think it is rude not to talk to the person?  Do you believe that you can put up your "personal space" wall without the other person's feelings being hurt?  Do you feel obligated to converse?

I spent one hour and fifteen minutes in the waiting area of the DMV.  During that time I learned all about a man's dead wife, his subsequent remarriage and his subsequent divorce (that bitch was only interested in his money).  When he first spoke to me, I gave a little smile and nodded.  That was all he needed - he was off to the races!  Certainly, he may not have had anyone to speak to in weeks but trapping me should not have been his way to vent.

Coming from New England, I am not used to people talking to me in waiting rooms, grocery lines or women's restrooms.  When I moved to Florida I was really taken aback when people started to talk to me everywhere.  I thought that these people must be a little off to just start telling me their life stories while standing in line.

I am more used to this now and I can take it in stride.  How do you handle it, if and when it happens?