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Friday, January 10, 2014

Odds and Ends

Here we are at Friday again.  It was a fast week for me for no real reason.  Time does slip by quickly at my age - I have to be more aware of what time I am wasting.

Anyway - here are some odds and ends to finish out the work week:

There is shortage of Velveeta cheese.  How could this happen?  Use what you have sparingly and don't hoard.  Would anyone really hoard Velveeta?

To reheat pizza without getting the crust soggy, put the pizza in a non-stick pan and place on low heat on the stove until warm.

When making deviled eggs, put the egg yolks and all other ingredients into a plastic bag.  Close the bag and mash all the stuff together.  Cut off a small corner of the bag and squeeze out the mixture into the egg.  Quick, clean and easy.

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