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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Living in Florida can be quite challenging.  Even taking a walk in one's backyard can be daunting - as the pics below attest.  This scene happened about 10 miles from me but it could happen in anyone's backyard.  Take a look.

Thank goodness there are professional gator trappers!!
Moving on ...  I was reading "Real Simple" magazine while waiting for a doctor appointment and found this article to have some useful ideas.  Read on.
Use a scratched CD as a paint palette.  It can hold enough paint while you are working on a small project.
Use a scratched CD as a reflector on your mailbox or at the end of your driveway.
Hang scratched CD's with fishing line from trees to scare off the nasty birds.
It just goes to show you that anything can be repurposed.
Please .....  keep it simple and make it real.


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