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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Good Enough?

There is certainly a lot to be said about living a simple life.  Decluttering, debt reduction, eco-friendly are a few things that make a simple life.  But, it doesn't mean that we are not meant to have nice things.

Did your mother or you use the phrase "keep it for best"?  There was "Sunday best" and "for guests best" and "wake and funeral best" (Boston Irish did a lot of wake and funeral going).

Do you have things that are used only on special occasions?  The good china comes out on holidays or when guests come over.  The good bed linen and towels are used when someone stays over.  That "good bottle" of wine is served on special occasions.  Enough is enough!

I don't save anything for best anymore because CH and I should use the best of whatever we have because we like nice things and there may never come a time again that we use them.

Are you saving things for your kids for after you die?  Do you really think that your things are a priority in their minds?  I don't think so unless you have a fortune in jewels or fine art.  If things are that important to them give it all to them now so they can be enjoyed while everyone is still alive.  Don't have "things" be a memorial to you. 

My mother-in-law is downsizing and gave us some beautiful crystal and cut glass items.  In the past I would have put them away in the china cabinet and used them for "best".  Not anymore!  I am using a beautiful biscuit jar to hold kitchen utensils.  A cut glass vase now hold pens.  A dish holds my jewelry when I take it off at night.  I am using an aperitif glass to hold my glasses on the table next to my chair.  They are beautiful things and I want to enjoy them all the time.  You know why?  Because CH and I are best.

Start treating yourself as BEST.  It feels good.

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.