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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bunny Bread and Vitamin D

Easter will be here in a flash.  My friend, Donna, posted the following pic on FB as a start for Easter baking.  I think it is too cute and easy to pass up.

The pic is from Homesteading Sufficiency Survival.  Make the dough as usual and snip out the ears as pictured.  After baking, poke in little eye holes with a toothpick.  Easy and adorable.


I was doing some reading about supplements and came across the following regarding Vitamin D.  There seems to be a big push on getting enough Vitamin D and this may help in assessing your needs.

The amount of vitamin D you need each day depends on your age. Average daily recommended amounts from the Food and Nutrition Board (a national group of experts) for different ages are listed below in International Units (IU):

Life Stage

Recommended Amount

Birth to 12 months
400 IU

Children 1–13 years
600 IU

Teens 14–18 years
600 IU

Adults 19–70 years
600 IU

Adults 71 years and older
800 IU

Pregnant and breastfeeding women
600 IU

An international unit (IU) is an internationally accepted amount of a substance. This type of measure is used for the fat-soluble vitamins.

This chart converts IU's into mg.

Amount in 1 I.U.

Vitamin A
0.3 mcg
3.6 mcg

Vitamin D
0.025 mcg

Vitamin E
0.67 mg

Should you want some more info on Vitamin D, please go to the site of Office of Dietary Supplements, National Institutes of Health.

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