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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY Simple & Easy And News Commentary

When I first fire up the computer for the day I browse through the news titles on my homepage. There are very few news items that I open and read. There are some that just are not interesting to me and there are some that I cannot believe ever made it to print anywhere!

Now, maybe I am being too judgmental but, come on, where is this stuff found and who thinks it is newsworthy?! For example, a few titles that just should not be included in any news forum:

“Millionaires Got Jobless Pay” “Oregon Farmer Eaten by Hogs” NFL Knows Victoria’s Secret” and “Vomiting Virus Outbreak”

Why do writers have to sensationalize everything? Just sayin’.  I just had to vent!!


On to some good stuff. I found two pins on Pinterest that are easy, cheap, useful and simple.




This is a mason jar used to store matches with the strike built in to the jar cover. Ingenious!   There is a how-to at The Burlap Bag 



This is a sheet made into a curtain by gluing ribbon tabs to the top. Beautiful, simple and so economical. Great idea!  A full tutorial can be found at Welcome to Heardmont

Keep it simple, folks!

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