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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wallet Reform!

So - there I was at the checkout line waiting for my final total. I opened my purse to get my wallet and - NO WALLET! Every thought imaginable ran through my mind as to where it could be or how I could lose it. To make a long story short, it had fallen out of my purse in the car and was sitting on the seat waiting for me to show up to get it.

The walk across the parking lot was filled with lots of thoughts but the main thought was what was actually in my wallet that should not get into the hands of others and where do I start to notify credit card companies, etc. that all was lost or stolen?

When I went home I sat down and went through my wallet and purse and promised myself not to waiver from the following situations:

Do not keep my Social Security Card or birth certificate in my wallet. If I need either thing for a specific situation I will put it/them in anenvelope and take the envelope out as soon as I return home.

Do not keep a “cheat sheet” of my PIN’s or passwords. Memorize them! If my wallet is stolen and the thief uses my ATM card with the password - say goodbye to the money, honey!

Do not keep a spare house key in my wallet. A thief will be most likely be able to figure out where I live and high tail it to my house before I even realize my wallet is stolen. If the thief doesn’t get to the house quickly I will still have to change the locks to prevent him/her from coming sometime later.

Do not keep gift cards that have not been redeemed in my wallet. Why should a thief get the benefit of my gift?

Do not keep receipts in my wallet. It doesn’t seem that there is a lot of personal info on the receipt but I’ll bet that a smart crook can make something out of the info to cause me harm. 

I have also promised myself to keep a closer watch on my stuff. The “duh!” factor was certainly at work here.

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